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Purchase Price Allocation (IFRS 3)

A two-day hands-on workshop aimed at valuation specialists and in-house finance professionals addressing the business combination requirements of IFRS 3 around the time of an acquisition. This workshop covers the identification of embedded intangible assets (IAS 38) and addresses the valuation of the principal intangible asset types, using the most commonly applied cost and income models (avoided and decremental cost, relief from royalty, and multi-period excess earnings). We also provide a hands-on experience of a detailed PPA model. The intangibles valuation section of this course can be extended into a separate two-day course, with more time being spent on brand valuation, IP R&D, and software valuation.

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Advanced Purchase Price Allocation (IFRS 3)

A one-or two-day workshop designed for valuation professionals wishing to explore more complex PPA issues in greater depth. This workshop can either be delivered as a standalone module or in-combination with other PPA or intangibles modules.

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