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Business Valuation Skills

This is a 3-day workshop designed for people with little experience (up to one year) in a valuation environment, featuring subgroup exercises, spreadsheets and short lectures. We use the Value Map as an overarching structure (see documentation below  for an expanded Value Map), figuring that if you know where you are in a process, the next step is often self-evident.


When using the income (DCF) method, valuation is essentially a balance between:

  • Cash flows (FCFF or FCFE)
  • Risk (see documentation below for risk build-up model)
  • Financing (Modligliani & Miller).

We provide a substantial module on market multiples using a 6-step multiples approach (see documentation below),  and conclude with a full-blown hands-on spreadsheet DCF and multiples valuation exercise.

If you want further information on this workshop, or wish to receive a copy of our Business Valuation Skills paper, please contact us.

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