Premium Training Design and Delivery

We provide in-house training and consulting services for competitive advantage

Advanced Valuation Skills - Cost of capital modules

Risk-free rate methodologies

Country risk

  • International market models including iCAPM, country spread models (Goldman and modified Goldman), sovereign spread model (Damodaran), country risk rating model (Erb, Harvey, Viskanta)
  • Currency risk - inflation delta

Market risk premium research and models


  • Extracting betas (markets, capture intervals and periods)
  • Unlevering and relevering betas using different models (Practitioner, Hamada, Harris Pringle, Miles Ezzell and Fernandez models)
  • Raw and adjusted betas
  • Sum betas
  • Total beta

Alphas - size and specific firm premiums

Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Fama-French 3-factor model

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