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Valuation Workshops

We deliver valuation workshops, which address most applications of business valuation, and which will be of interest to valuation professionals, corporate lawyers, auditors, tax transfer pricing specialists, forensic specialists and M & A professionals. 

Core Valuation Workshops

Business Valuation Skills

A three-day workshop to learn the basics of business valuation, covering the three key components of valuation (cash flows, risk and financing), the application of discounted cash flows (DCF), and the use of market multiples. Read more

Intermediate Valuation Skills

A two-day workshop which addresses more complex valuation topics such as multi-business and multi-currency issues, cyclical and loss-making firms, terminal period models, leverage issues (including a private equity model), and the use of other income models (DDM, APV, and MEEM).  Read more

Advanced Valuation Skills

A modular two- or three-day workshop which addresses the more complex issues which arise from the application of commonly used valuation models and tools. Topics include cost of capital, cash flow issues, income model equivalence, discounts & premiums, market multiples, debt and financial instruments, tax issues, pensions, Monte Carlo, options and real options. Each topic has several modules which can be selected. In practice, this workshop is usually assembled from modules selected from the menu by our clients, and bespoke modules can be developed on request if the module is not in our library.  Read more

All of the above workshops can be modified for specific client requirements, and we have delivered tailored courses for:

  • Global Tax Transfer Pricing (with specific modules on OECD guidelines and Advance Pricing Agreements)
  • Transaction Services - due diligence (with more detailed modules on cash flow reviews, synergies, time series analysis and regression)
  • Forensic (with specific forensic valuation examples and case studies)

Valuation for Reporting

Purchase Price Allocation

A two-day hands-on workshop aimed at valuation specialists and in-house finance professionals addressing the business combination requirements of IFRS 3 at the time of an acquisition. This workshop covers the identification of embedded intangible assets (IAS 38), addresses the valuation of the principal intangible asset types,  and provides hands-on experience of a PPA spreadsheet model. Read more

Impairment Testing

A two-day course aimed at auditors and finance personnel covering the organisational, valuation and technical aspects of the impairment testing of intangibles and goodwill under IAS 36. This course can be combined with the purchase price allocation course, since many of the skills and techniques are similar. Read more

Intangibles Valuation, PPA and Impairment Testing

This is a two-day workshop bringing together three commonly requested elements into one course. Since both PPA and impairment testing require similar skills, they can be combined with intangible asset valuation. Both the PPA and impairment modules concentrate on good practice, organisation and processes, and are underpinned by hands-on models. Read more.

Valuation Standards

This one-day course compares GAAP (IFRS 13 and SFAS Topic 820) and International Valuation Standards (IVSC) to other standards such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Valuation Standards (Red Book), the OECD Tax Valuation Guidelines, and the International Private Equity & Venture Capital (IPEV) Guidelines. Read more

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