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On Line Valuation Consulting

online_valWe have provided an informal free "no strings" e-mail service to all of our programme participants for the past 15 years, where we will answer any question on valuation, and we receive several e-mails a week from past workshop participants requesting input on live practitioner issues.

Why is this service free? Well, what better way to obtain insight into the questions which challenge practitioners?

Why is it "no strings"? We give no guarantee as to the correctness of our responses, and when it comes to complex valuation issues there is rarely any single correct approach. We encourage practitioners to check out replies, before relying on them.

Even if you haven't been to one of our programmes, try out our free service, if:

  • you don't want make a fool of yourself in front of your boss
  • you are the boss, and you don't want to be shown up in front of your staff
  • you want to check out a solution
  • you want some tips for:
    • further avenues to explore
    • contacts who could help you
    • suggestions for source material
    • supplementary reading recommendations

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