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Learning Needs Analysis

We facilitate Learning Needs Analyses (LNA) (either live or in a virtual meeting room) directly with the commissioning stakeholders (usually line managers), where learning outcomes can be set, issues brought to the surface, and buy-in obtained, before the costly process of course development begins.

An LNA, when carried out internally, can suffer from three principal deficiencies:

1. Learning needs are like issues; they emerge. This means that if an LNA is carried out by means of a questionnaire, many of the important issues will never surface, and the outcome of an LNA will end up missing its target.

2. The Training Needs Analysis is carried out without an adequate LNA, which can lead to a sort of training "solutionism" where existing programmes are reconfigured with little regard for changes in learning departure points. This is particularly important when dealing with valuation, where learning needs vary greatly, depending, for example, on the education of the participants and on the differences in valuation environment.

3. One size fits all - it is tempting to assume that all courses can be rolled out globally, and to ignore differences in regional (or even national) requirements.

 Valuation is usually a good candidate for customised modular workshops assembled by region (or country), rather than through a uniform global course.

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