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We provide in-house training and consulting services for competitive advantage

Corporate Finance Workshops

Our corporate finance courses are designed for M & A specialists, lawyers, and other due diligence professionals who wish to enhance their skills of strategy evaluation, pricing and deal negotiation.

M & A Negotiating Skills

This two-day workshop covers the fundamentals of negotiating, and provides an excellent platform for conducting M & A negotiations. Participants have opportunities to construct multiple deal packages (including price and contingent contracts), learn to negotiate in teams, and can practise their skills in a live business acquisition negotiating case study which we have used throughout the world over a number of years. Read more

Advanced Negotiating Skills

This is a two-day workshop for experienced M & A negotiators, addressing some of the more complex negotiating issues such as multi-party negotiations, game theory, negotiating styles, constructing strong arguments, agent-principal relationships, leverage and much more.

The workshop includes a hands-on multi-party case study based on the acquisition of a beleaguered steel firm by a private equity firm. Read more

M & A Skills Workshop (including strategy evaluation)

We also offer an M & A deal management workshop which covers the core corporate finance skill set, and which follows two deals through a 3 to 5 day course, containing the following modules:

M & A valuation issues

  • Valuation review exercise
  • Choosing valuation methods and models
  • Presenting value to clients
  • Special valuation issues

Acquisition assistance

  • Key features
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Assessing synergies
  • Preparing a bid landscape

Disposal assistance

  • Client acceptance process
  • Information memoranda
  • Bid management process

Negotiating assistance

  • Negotiating fundamentals
  • Countering negotiating ploys
  • Preparation of two deal negotiations
  • Hands-on negotiating practice in teams
  • Learning debrief

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